Cotton Thread


Using Cotton thread on a cotton product is necessary if you wish it to last longer than a few years.

Synthetic threads are Commonly used on cotton products, and the fibre strengths do not match. This imbalance causes the thread to rip through the product at the seam over time.

Using cotton thread ensures your product and its thread wear at the same rate, and if well kept can last to hand down to your children's children.

spools of thread


When you dye a cotton product that was sewn with synthetic thread you will immediately know. The thread will not dye with the fabric.


Cotton thread accepts dye the same as cotton fabric, ensuring when we print or dye any of our products, we know that the end result will be cohesive and lasting. 



Just as cotton fabric is soft and sensitive, the thread that binds the product together should match. 

Cotton stitching will not cause irritation along seams or tags, as is common in mass produced garments using synthetic threads, for cheaper production.