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My First Month Open!

Hi everyone!

I am so excited to share how it has been going during my first month of business! The Quidi Vidi Village Plantation, is an amazing studio space. I spend my days designing, producing and selling my products while being front and centre to see customer patterns and buying trends.

QVVP, Quidi Vidi Village Plantation, Hawk
Meet this guy, sometimes he guards the studios.

Being able to talk to my customers and get to know them each individually, is a beautiful experience. Since the plantation is mainly a tourist destination in the summer, I have the privilege of meeting so many different and interesting people. They teach me about their homes, cultures, travels, and new ideas for my products. I wouldn’t give up this experience for the world.

I am happy as a craftsperson that not only do I get to meet my customers, but that they meet me. They can see me at work, and ask questions; this way they are truly connected to the products they buy, and understand a bit more about where they come from. This is a wonderful thing they can share if gifting my work.

studio, retail shop, children's clothing, prints

The other artisans here have made my first month above and beyond what it would have been without them. I am so happy to have met them all and learn about the different practices they follow. My studio sits next to Biscay Bay, run by Sarah Bishop, who crafts Canadian moose leather and canvas bags. I am so happy to have her next to me, she has made me feel welcome, and helps me whenever I am stuck, both with advice and good talks.

Cotton and leather handmade Canadian bags.
One of Biscay Bay's amazing products. Clicking this photo will send you to her information.

I have been moving my production towards soft toys, and I can not keep them on the shelf. This is a peek at my current Mini, Mr, and Grandpa Whale products. This coming week I’ll show you all the new sea creatures that will be joining the Kara Lynn Family.

Navy and cream cotton whale soft toy, stuffed animal.
Mr. and Mini Whale
Navy and cream cotton whale soft toy, stuffed animal.
Grandpa Whale

Love / From      

Kara Lynn


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