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Find me at the Quidi Vidi Village Plantation

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

I have officially opened my studio door at the Quidi Vidi Village Plantation. It has been four days since I received my keys, and installed my furniture; I finally have stocked shelves and items for sale. While I am ready to show St. John’s my craft, there is still a clothing rack to build and hooks to find so I can hang my tools, instead of stuffing them into overfull drawers.

Studio, QVVP, Quidi Vidi Plantation, Children's clothing.
Beginning to set up my studio.

I wanted to give a quick preview of the type of heirloom children’s wear I am making in my studio, for anyone who hasn’t made it out yet, or is too far for a visit. I love working with the traditional materials and methods I use, because It reminds me of the homemade clothes my family always made me as a little girl. The nostalgic feeling is what I want to impart to parents who purchase my work.

Everyone at the Plantation is an emerging artisan practicing a craft. Each with their own individual studio, practice, and aesthetic. I am fortunate to be surrounded by such an amazing group, who focus on creativity and community. They have welcomed me with open arms and made this nerve wracking experience more than enjoyable. It was a terrifying decision to start my own studio one month after graduation, as I haven’t had a steady income in over two years, and there is no knowing if I will again. Thanks to my partner I can financially follow this path, and try my hand as a full time artisan, no matter how afraid I was to take this step. And thanks to the current Plantation artisans, for basically holding my hand while I settled in.

My love for traditional clothing blossomed during my time working at a fur trade reenactment park. Hand crafting historical clothing every day, as well as living and working in them, gave me an appreciation for handicraft and the process of creating. I hope everyone who sees my work can have their own nostalgic moment for the things from their childhoods that still bring a smile to their face.

Love / From

Kara Lynn


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