Quilting Cotton

Quilting cotton holds up well to washing, even in the machine. Though prone to shrinking at first, we prewash all of our garment fabric so the size does not change.

For house wears we do not preshrink our fabric.

We believe the almost gathered look of a quilt washed after construction, is reminiscent of the hand sewing from the generations past, and at Kara Lynn Design we love any moment of nostalgia. .

Quilting cotton is a high grade natural material. We use it for its safe, long lasting properties. 

Using quilting cotton in your work solidifies the fibre content, fibre quality, and durability; ensuring there are no surprises with your end product not standing up to high standards. 

Quilting cotton is soft on sensitive skin, it is breathable, and safe for those with many allergies.

A clean, crisp finished product, is easily achievable when sewing with quilting cotton, as it cuts and irons nicely.

Quilting cotton is a versatile fabric. It comes in a wide array of colours and prints, as well it easily accepts dye and ink for creating your own.